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My xB and the rest of my rides!

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My 09 xB. Just got it yesterday. DF210's ordered, HID kits for fogs and projectors ordered. I will post update once its lowered.

The wife's KIA Soul

My Blazer: Just traded for the xB

My Toy 500hp Turbo Sonoma

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Sold ! , **** piaa bulbs are that much. The harness doesnt get hot and melt does it?
Dont ever buy optilux by hella , melted my dodge rams. Piaa is quality but hid's are sick
so much better, cant wait til i lower mine. have to get the fiance here first though, well maybe just the lawyer paid for then the fiance here :boxing::cheers:
There is so much you can do, where doy ou start? Intake and throttle body spacer, exhaust and or a header. L.e.d.'s , seat covers by clazzio. oyy so much
1 - 9 of 38 Posts
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