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My xB and the rest of my rides!

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My 09 xB. Just got it yesterday. DF210's ordered, HID kits for fogs and projectors ordered. I will post update once its lowered.

The wife's KIA Soul

My Blazer: Just traded for the xB

My Toy 500hp Turbo Sonoma

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Neat rides.
So, what are the pros/cons compared to the Blazer?
I have had 4 s-series trucks and will always love them, but it was time for a change. The blazer is more roomy and more solid than the xB. Also with drop spindles it makes for a very comfortable ride with even a 4 or 5 inch drop. Those trucks are dated now and with the xB I feel like I am riding in a more modern vehicle. The gas mileage is one of the biggest advantages for the xB. I am very curious how the ride will be with the DF210's I see there are mixed reviews. This was my second day driving it and I am impressed with it so far. Just waiting for my stuff to arrive and I am sure that I will have more to say. It seems like the accessory options are endless which is good. You may not recognize mine by the time I am done lol.
soul looks sick. df210's actually ride pretty good ive had em for a while
That is good to know. I havent always had the best of results with lowering springs.
I like her Soul a lot. The tint really made a huge difference. We had a layer of 5% put on over the factory tint and it is completely dark. The accessories are slow in arrving for it though and they are $$$$! The Soul and the xB have a very similar feel to them when driving.
Finished the initial install of my system and I am very impressed with the Pioneer Premium H/D and stock speakers. After running my Memphis PR-50.4 and my Memphis PR-1000.1 along with 2 Memphis M-Class 12's, this thing really pounds. I am working on a custom box with LED's and will post pictures once I complete it. My springs and HID kits have all been shipped so needless to say I am excited to get started. With any luck I will be posting the mod pics next week.
Got my HID Conversion kits yesterday. The low beams are 10000K and the fogs are 12000K from The installation was simple and only took about 45 minutes.
Here are a few daytime pics of the lights:
I will take some night pics later this evening.
Here is a photo at dusk.
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Nice very bright , how much
Thanks... $59.99 for each kit. Free shipping for the holidays.
Sold ! , **** piaa bulbs are that much. The harness doesnt get hot and melt does it?
Funny that you say that. I was thinking the same thing about the PIAA's before I bought these.

No issues with harness heat. Mine are 35w. Everything plugged up nicely. The double sided sticky tape they provided doesnt work so well for mounting the ballasts (plus it is cold here) so I used some wire ties. We will see how long they last but I dont expect many problems. HID's have come a long way in the past 5 years. Plus a lot cheaper too.
According to UPS my DF210's will be here today. If so I will try to lower it tonight. I will post before and after pics.
UPDATE: DF210s Installed

Installed the springs Friday night.


I am looking for opinions on what I should do next. Should be installing the new box tomorrow with LEDs but not to sure where I will go from there.
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Lol. Thanks. I like it soooo much better. It's like night and day. I still want opinions on what to do next. I just don't know.
I thought about changing the tail lights but I have always been a fan of tinted stockers. Opinions?
Oh wow! That looks great! How did the installation go?
Thanks! It was very easy considering that I had the use of my friend's shop. Everything is easier when you have access to a lift and the right tools. The back took about 15 minutes and the front was about an hour and a half. The alignment took a while and it is still not done. I have to add a shim for the rear. There arent many adjustments that can be made to correct the back.
You could murder the whole thing.
Do Explain. Not sure I have heard that one before lol.
I think he means black it all out
That's what I figured but never heard that expression. Old guy syndrome I guess lol.
There is so much you can do, where doy ou start? Intake and throttle body spacer, exhaust and or a header. L.e.d.'s , seat covers by clazzio. oyy so much
I probably wont do much on the performance side. Maybe just dressup things under the hood. I like those Anzo Halo headlights and the vent LED's for the front bumper. Might go with those mods first and see from there. I have to do something with the tail lights too but not sure where to go with that.
Added tint today. Much darker now.

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nice you even did the windsjield
Right now it just has a strip of 5% across it. I will have the whole thing tinted next month when my buddy comes back in town. I like having the entire windshield tinted to protect the dash.
Looks great ManInTheBox.

I dropped mine using the Eibach Pro kit but haven't aligned it...yet. I've asked several people including forum members and toyota dealership personnel. Forum members said align it and toyota service advisor said no. Does it really need alignment based on your observations...The DF210's are lower than the Eibach Pro's so I was just wondering.

My recommendations for future upgrades would be: 1. AVS Seamless Ventvisors; 2: Strut Bar; 3. Sway Bar; 4. Exhaust; 5. Spoiler; 6. Intake; 7. TYC LED rear tail lights.

By the way, nice wheels....I have the same ones:cheers:
Thanks for the props. Mine wasnt off very much after the drop but it definitely needed to be aligned. That was more than likely due to the amount of drop from the DF's. I am sure you will be okay for a while but I would at least have it checked at some point. Alignments are much cheaper than tires.

Thanks for the suggestions. Still trying to decide which tails look the best. I dont think I have seen the vent visors.
thats so illegal in cali !
Oh it is here too, but you cant even tell it is tinted. It's only 50% so it looks clear from the inside out. I have never had a problem.
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