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hello fellow xb2!, I'm in the market for getting the first aftermarket wheels for my box...I'm already decided on getting the XXR 527 concave newly designed for 2011. But i have a problem, i don't know what size i need so that the tires don't rubbed against the wall of my xb. Im not too fond of dropping it just cause where i lived my driveway is so daym steep that it is a hassle for me to get in/out. Anyhow, i have the 2011 RS edition which already look dropped. Can you guys help me find the right size that would look great without compromising the ride quality. Im thinking of getting the front 18x8.75 +35 and rear 18x9.75 +20. I was hoping of flushing thru my fenders and not too low profile on my tires so i could surpass minor potholes cause i work in SF bay area. I don't know if thats even possible. But i need you guys opinion.

2011 XB RS Voodoo Blue
TRD rear sway
TRD Front strut Tie Bar
JDM window visors
Rear Spoiler voodoo Blue
EAt-sleep-JDM decal/not-drunk-AVOIDING POTHOLES

Coming soon: pictures of xb, TRD parts, Yakima bike roof rack...

Many thanks!
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