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need help pls with exhaust system!!

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i really need some help to make my exhaust sound good. i recently just put a flowmaster on and it didnt sound like i had changed a thing so i asked someone and they told me 2 take out my resinator/cat thing and i did now its too loud and i got a modified muffler ticket already. WHAT SHOULD I DO PPL? would really really appreciate it if someone had some ideas
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You should get this Borla exhaust. It is a Dual Exhaust 50 State Legal CARB Approved. So you can be louder, but legal. No need to be silly fart-can loud either.

Borla’s high-performance Exhaust System is now available for the 2008 Scion XB! This rear-exit system offers you aggressive motor sport styling with street commanding sound and maximum flow for more power. It has ultra smooth mandrel bends made from T-304 stainless steel and all-welded construction for durability. The angled polished tips add a high quality finishing touch to your xB.
and i just put that after my muffler and it should make it less louder and rippey?
I have the borla dual. Its rippy at first when you start the car. After it warms up it sounds amazing. It also removes the very last resonator but still sounds nice.
whats ur set up under ur car? still have the big resinator infront? any muffler?
I got the head in front so the front cat is gone and the rear resonator is gone. Everything in between is still there.
i have a flowmaster under mine too, and i removed my res and its brutally loud. it is very raspy, but kind of fun.. also i did go with the 10 series which as mufflers go its a pretty poor excuse. I have to see about calming the noise down a little it draws a lot of attention and im sure my neighbors dont like me when i come home from work late at night. i would say look into an aero ar25 resonator or something along those lines to cut the noise down a little

this is the latest version of the exhaust, everything from the cat back has been cut out... it is 2.5" pipe back to this poor excuse for a muffler. I have to get myself a resonator soon to cut down on the rasp.

i did this with my crappy digital camera so it wasnt the best sound
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yeah thats how mind sounds but i got rolled for it i just want all that raspy **** gone so it doesnt sound all rippy but still sounds good. anyone got anymore ideas? or tell me what there setup is and maybe a possible sound clip
I run the Strup Header and Strup Exhaust. It sounds awesome. Not raspy at all. But you can tell it has been changed. I am thinking of changing the scuba tank out. I wont take it out all the way. But maybe do a hi flow cat or something in there. I took the one out of my tC like you guys have done and it was very loud and annoying. Right now I love the way mine sounds. I will see if I can get a sound clip at some point.
is the Borla dual from the cat back or just an axle back? how does it sound and perform, from someone that has one?
Its axle back. Its sounds kinda rippy when it first starts up, but after warm up it sounds very nice and deep. I love the way it sounds and looks.

Oh by the way you still interested in the wheels?
What are the performance changes?
Anyone dyno different exhausts?
TartanJack said:
What are the performance changes?
Anyone dyno different exhausts?
Haven't had a chance to do dyno tests. However I still have all the factory parts so I could do it later if I wanted.
I like the full TRD system with headers. My friend has that on his TC and it sounds great. No farting or anything.
I'm looking for an alternative to the Borla set up. I'm a little unsure about spending almost $400 (at Sparks) on a Borla exhaust only to discover that I don't like the sound. Youtube sound clips don't reassure me about how it really sounds in everyday driving. Figure I can get an axle back system from a local muffler shop for less than $400 and if I don't like it I can have them tweak it. Also thinking abouttwin pipes in the center...a little different, but dunno if I can actually do that.

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I was thinking of that same thing... but with dual DTM angled tips.
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Exhaust pipes out the center would be pretty cool and very easy. There is plenty of room under the rear of the xB to create any kind of exhast setup you want. All they would have to do is custom bend you a rear pipe so that it goes from the main pipe towards the center of the bumper. The difficult part will be finding a way to secure the pipe since the exhaust hangers are on the right side of the vehical. A muffler shop could still probably figure that one out.

In fact these exhaust tips would look awsome coming out the center.|66:3|65:12|240:1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
Love the "Double D" exhaust tips...that would clinch the deal if they were stainless. New England winter driving destroys chrome tips in a single season.
Anybody running on this?

Wonder if 03 up includes the 2nd gens... :detective:
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