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dude !!!

we took a road trip to Galveston Tx, to see the pyramid aquarium and the victorian houses, we stop at buc ees ( biggest gas station ) in Luling tx
1st time there, very big store ( like a little mall ) they sell pretty much everything there..... we spend 2 hours inside looking around, getting coffee snacks, souvenir all that kaka.
we spend $99.83 plus $11.59 at the pump for petro.......
after spending 2 hours inside of the store, after I spend almost $100 usd........... as soon I cross the door.... I got stop by 3 cops !!!
WTF !!!
..... sir... please... IT IS NOT NORMAL TO SPEND 2 HOURS ON THE STORE .... PLEASE SHOW ME YOUR ID...the cop said.... WTF !!!!

DUDE !!! REALLY !!! WTF!!! it is abig store with so many things to see and you do not want me to spend time inside ???? REALLY !!!

they radio my name to the central..... and they let me go with the warning .... SIR.... IT IS NOT NORMAL TO SPEND 2 HOURS ON THE STORE ....

really!!!...... I cannot believe it..... oh Lord !!


PLEASE......never never ever visit buc ee's in luling tx
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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