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New 16 inch Drag DR-19s for my 08

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So I just bought these:

From discount tire and they are getting put on my 08 nautical blue xB tomorrow. I got 16 inch because I wanted to use my stock tires. It seems almost everyone here goes with at least a 17inch wheel. I understand that it is all personal preference but now I am worried I may have made the wrong choice.

Thoughts? Comments?
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i have 16 inch Enkei wheels.
Do you have any pics of them on your box?
I am looking for some 16" rims that go nicely with my HTM color and that are within budget. I too thought about going bigger....but that is just added expense right now buying new tires (when mine only have ~1700 road miles use on them) and then each time I need new tires the bigger size will cost a little more. I just want to get rid of these ugly hubcaps I have on there now.

Post pics of your rims when you can...would love to see them on.
They are getting put on tomorrow. I'll definitely put up pictures as soon as I pick it up.
And it isn't lowered at all?
I wanted to get 17 or 18s....but my scion came with this great expensive GoodYears, i gotta run em till their dead.

I'm trying to decide weither or not i want to just get 16" rims...or wait. I figure i'll just keep modding other stuff until i run these Goodyears out.

Those Rims you just ordered are SICK. Can't wait to see pics of those on your xB.

yeah, it's not lowered at all, it's completely stock. except the rims, obviously.
Dude. said:
yeah, it's not lowered at all, it's completely stock. except the rims, obviously.
and two 15"s!!! :rofl:
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