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Just sold my 06 Charger and bought a used 2011 XB in silver. It only has 18000 miles and is like new. The previous owner already installed the TRD springs and Liquid Metal 16" Splice chrome rims, and Rhino roof rack (which I've already removed). I'm installing the TRD rear sway bar, front strut brace, exhaust and intake. I'm also putting on the rear spoiler...

I love this neat little car. Now that I have one I'm noticing them everywhere...(East Bay area Nor Cal...)


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Congrats from So Car! (South Carolina- the other side of the country)
Nice color. Kinda fond of it myself . . .
Modding is quite addictive. Decide what "direction" you like (so the mods work together), whatever that is, then . . . make it your own!

If you wanna sell the rack, put it in classifieds. Someone will take it, I'm sure.
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