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my brakes don't seem to be as quick to react as they used to be
may be my fault... :eek:hno:
is this covered by dealer my car is under 10,000 miles

what would be the best brand ?
is it a easy diy (if not covered by dealer)?

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Golf clubs fitting are easier to answer than a technical question about brakes . . . :p
A club bag either will or won't fit. :rolleyes:

Brakes have a number of factors.
Do you abuse them? "Drag" the brakes?
Panic stop regularly?
Drive like a race car on mountain roads?
Do you hold the brakes as you rev the engine (in gear) for a "drag race start" at a light? :naughty:

Also, there are factors too.

If it is from a mechanical issue, warranty should cover it.
If it is from hard brake use, a different type might be appropriate for you.
If it is from abuse . . . learn to be more gentle on brakes.

Oh, and my vehicle has 24,000 miles and about to get more. My brakes don't have much of a problem. Of course, except when on twisty mountain roads, I am gentle on the brakes. I tend to be gentle on the normally, anyways.
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