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So my KSport coilovers' performance has been dwindling the past year or so. The rear shocks started leaking, then the front followed suit. I was highly considering BC Racing, but I was talked into ISC from a buddy of mine that sells the brand locally. He originally informed me that ISC didn't offer a camber option for my car, so I called ISC directly the next day. I spoke with a wonderful lady named Meryl. Meryl told me that she'd call the manufacturing facility and email me as soon as she knew. The next morning I was pleasantly surprised by her email informing me that they did offer a camber option for the front. I then proceeded to place my order and patiently wait for the coils to show up! Meryl informed me that it would take 7-12 business days, so I was a happy camper since my current coilovers were completely blown. After about 5 days Meryl sent me an email stating that she did apologize that it was taking a little long, but my order has been placed and they're waiting on the manufacturing facility. All in all, I waited a little under a month and a half for my order to show up. I was a little bummed that it took so long but Meryl's customer service, emailing me every week, was absolutely great. I can't thank her enough for her service! I've never had that happen.
On to the install.

I opted for ISC's street/drag/racing setup with 180mm springs instead of the 200mm and stiffer springs (10k/7k instead of 8k/5k). Upon inspection they looked very high quality and put together well.
I decided to throw the rear on since I hadn't scheduled an alignment, so I'll start with the rear.

According to ISC's website the proper way to install the coils is with a 5mm preload. They weren't preloaded from the factory, so I had to do this myself. After pulling off the old coilover setup from the rear, I quickly installed the ISCs. The rear springs use regular coilover type springs instead of the barrel type springs with the old coils. This is great because I can easily replace the springs if I want something shorter or stiffer, e.g. Swift. The rear perch on the ISCs appear to be shorter in length so should be able to go lower, plus the 7" spring should give maximum lowness!

I started with the shock threaded all the way in the mount. This should be the adjustment for the lowest setting (spring adjusted to raise the car, the shock should be adjusted accordingly up with the spring). However even with the spring about halfway up the perch, the spring had a bit of slop between the spring mount on the car and the perch. This means I couldn't properly adjust the preload. I was a little bummed out, but I ended up adjusting the coils similarly to how I had the prior setup. I took the car for a drive around the block and was pleasantly surprised with the stiffer springs! At full soft setting, the car rode very well. Surprisingly well. Much better than blown suspension!

Installation notes: this is how the rear bolts up to the inside of the car. There will be the nut (of course, it is also supplied with the system), washer, top rubber mount, and bottom rubber mount. Everything squeezes together very well and feels very secure in the car.

Everything installed underneath the car. Great setup.
On to the front.

The front coilovers look very nice. Gloss black powdercoat, anodized gold rings, and all the mounts for the ABS wire and sway bar welded on, no cheap universal mounts and zipties required here! I was very impressed!
I like how the front lower mounts had the sway bar mount incorporated with the mount, unlike the KSports' sway bar mount collar that can be kind of confusing when installing.

After pulling the old coils, I quickly installed the ISCs. I noticed that the camber plates with the ISCs seemed off... It mounts up perfectly fine to the car but the adjustment isn't lateral, it's angled. So by effectively altering the camber, I'd also be alerting the caster.

I ended up using my old KSport plates but used the new ISC bearings. They work great!

I decided to start off a little conservative (read, not as low as I was) so I could dial it in and see how everything sat. Upon lowering the car, I was fairly disappointed...

So I did the only logical thing anyone would do, and maxed out all 3 collars.

This still didn't get me where I wanted to be, so logically I disassembled the lower portion of the coilover and removed 2 of the 3 collars leaving only the lower spring collar.

If you notice, I threw one of the 2 removed collars on the bottom since the insert is protruding a bit. This keeps the whole assembly from adjusting o its own and keeping everything put.
I finally let the car down and, once again, wasn't quite happy where it was. Actually, quite disappointed. I drove the car around the block and down to the corner market for a tasty refreshing beverage. I hit up a few buddies to see if they had any 6" 10k springs. Luckily I had a friend with a pair of 6" 12k Swift brand springs.

Some of you may have seen me mention the Swift brand springs, so I was very happy to try these. I was a little reluctant to place even higher rated springs on the car (10k felt perfectly fine and comfortable), but I really wanted to get my car done. I disassembled the lower portion of the coilover, again, and installed the Swift springs.

ISC with 6" 12k Swift spring and the old KSport.
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of how the car sits, but I will try to get some soon. The front is a little lower than I was, I don't rub the tire on the fender, the car is comfortable, and I can even drive it pretty hard. I'm very happy with the adjusted coilovers and really hope ISC changes some of the items.

So in conclusion, I had to wait almost 6 weeks, pay an extra $100 for camber plates that aren't right, have 4 inserts that are too long (in my opinion they should be 40-50mm shorter all around), and had to buy shorter springs so I can get the front as low as I want. Now I know not everyone wants to be very low, but I really think the front coilovers could benefit with a shorter spring. If I wanted to go any lower I would have to purchase shorter inserts and probably 5" springs.
I knew I was kind of going in this blindly because this was/is the first set in the states, and I am very glad that I have the local resources that I do, these ride great! I can't recall how my old coils rode, but on their final days they were awful. I hated even driving my car, it was that bad. I gave a couple buddies a ride in my car that recently installed the Airlift bag setup in her car. He mentioned that the car rode surprisingly well for being such high spring rates, he exclaimed it rode almost better than air!
So if you're looking for a different set of coils than the current three or four offerings, I implore you to highly consider the ISC.

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I received a reply from Meryl at ISC this morning. She apologized again for the wait for the coilovers add went on to mention that it is a very rare occurrence that this happens. I'm just happy she kept me updated! Great customer service! She also informed me that I could get shorter inserts and corrected camber plates. This is great news and I would love to run some shorter inserts.

The ride is great and customer service is great. What more could one ask for?
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