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New Dodge Challenger

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So I am a little pissed. I love the new dodge charger. Its amazing looking and definatly fits in with the mustang and camaro as retro styled remakes. My problem is with dodge. They act like their cars are the cream of the crop. Just because you merged with Damlier doesn't mean you can price your cars as such.
There are plenty of examples of this in there entire line but the one that kills me is the challenger. They are only making it in the SRT8 version. Which is the top of the line performance line that they make. Thats it nothing else. No base line model, or non-SRT performance version. The starting base price $40k. They are going to kill that car before it can get off the ground. Its a play toy for the rich. Not just because its $40k, but a SRT is gonna suck on gas. They really should offer it in a base modle that can compete with the camaro and mustang.

Yeah this is a rant so sue me.
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the new Challenger is awesome!

but you are right about the price - they will probably come out with a smaller engine version later on...

but then, what is the purpose of making a muscle car if it is not one of the fastest around!! :D
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