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New in VA

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Hey everyone. I've been reading threads here for a few weeks now and finally took the plunge and ordered a 2012 Army Rock xB! I should take delivery this coming Wednesday. I live just outside of Richmond, VA.
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Nice, congrats on the new whip!
Thanks. I'm sure I'll be more excited once I get it! I ordered it with a reprogrammed remote start, automatic transmission, and the fog lights.

I think I'm going to add nf210s, clazzio leather covers. and interior LEDs right away.
I would just get the TRD lowering kit added to your car loan. They're very comparable to the NF210's and cheaper. Just a thought. The DF's are a fair amount different but the TRD's and NF's are pretty much the same in most respects.
I pick it up tomorrow at 6pm eastern! I have the TRD struts and springs to put on after that. Can't wait!
The experts are saying because of the warm weather,bugs are going to be a problem this year. The "mod bug" will most likely bit you this summer, so be ready for it. Start thinking of all the mod's you'll want to do. Welcome to the site and have fun.
awesome man! congrates on the army rock, that's my favorite color for the new body style. So bad ***.
I pick it up tomorrow at 6pm eastern! I have the TRD struts and springs to put on after that. Can't wait!
It's now 6:10,do you have it yet?Do I seem too impatient? Got' ta cut down on the coffee! Please let us know.
I had to scramble to find my old car's title, haha, but I left the dealership with it at 7:00pm. The TRD struts and springs are installed and I just ordered the rear sway bar from Sparks. Absolutely. Love. It.

I do hate the Toyota remote start.
Ah sparks, my good buddy Jamie and Tim work there..
Why do you hate the remote start?
The range is awful. I can't start it from my apartment to the parking lot nor my office to the parking lot.
Also, double lock then hold lock to start is nice, but having it turn off when you unlock the door to get in sucks. It's not an issue when I get in, as I'm going to start the car to drive. The issue is when my girlfriend wants to get in while I'm trying to load the car. The price you pay not to have to carry a remote.
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