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Whats up yall. My name is Rick from Fresno Ca. I dont own an xb yet but will soon. I am hoping you guys can help me out with what options are going to be worth the coin when I go to purchase my xb2 with a manual tranny. Here is a list of the accessories/mods I am thinking about. TRD springs and shocks/struts, short shifter, strut tower bar, rear sway bar, all weather floor mats, paint protector film, spoiler, pioneer premium audio system. Thats all I can think of for now. So what is worth the money? Opinions please. My goal is to have a decent handling xb. And I definitely need a CAI and the power gain/sound from the TRD muffler worth 400 bones? :cheers:

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welcome to the site man. I'll break this down for ya:

TRD springs and shocks/struts: can get better springs for the same if not less money, IMO. Also, installing them yourself is half the fun and the dealer will charge you a ton!

short shifter: do it. I hear good things, but sadly mine is an auto.

strut tower bar: cool mod, easy install during the strut swap, so again if you plan on swapping your struts just get the part from ebay or, they'll be cheaper than a dealer.

rear sway bar: yes, this is a must with an xB. Handling is like night and day when you install this thing. You can get a front and rear set form hotchkis for about 200-300 if you really look for it. I waited awhile and found one for 200 on eaby brand new, scooped it up. Install is again very easy when installing or swapping springs.

all weather floor mats: yes.

paint protector film: another must. Wish I got it on my 2010.

spoiler: can get one off ebay, perfectly color matched, for about 120 bucks. install is 2 screws.

pioneer premium audio system: you can get a better pioneer or kenwood system for about the same price, but it wont necessarily work with the usb in the car, so it may be worth it if you don't plan on upgrading the HU again.

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