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New Owner needs Help.....

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....with dumb questions.
I bought a 2012 xB that is used (only 1,800 mi on it). Appears after checking it was a repo. Love the vehicle, but now the dum questions. I am not sure what bells, buzzers, etc. should work on the car. For example, no buzzer sounds if I don't connect seat-belt; no buzzer if I leave keys in ignition; no buzzer if lights left on. Not knowing all the things tht should buzz, etc., I'm hoping someone can tell me. I need to know what to tell dealer I want turned on. I think in the manual it also says lights turn off automatically, too. Wondering about the DRL's too, since they are not on. I really appreciate any help people can provide.
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Could be that the actual buzzer was pulled out ... there was no option for DRL's ...
The seatbelt will chime after going 20mph (dont quote me on that it could be 15...) without belting up. The lights chime if you turn the ignition off with them on. We don't have DRL in the US version. And we do not have auto turn off/on lights in the Xb. (only the TC had them stock. But you can buy an aftermarket kit and rig them up. Not sure if it voids any warranty though. You might want to check with the dealer.)
Hope it helps, Welcome to the club! :cheers:
my seatbelt warning comes on as soon as i start the car without seatbelts on. i buckle up before i start the car to avoid that annoying sound. explain to your dealership the issues that you've stated. it should covered under warranty. first thing they will probably do is check the fuses. the inside of the fusebox cover will tell you what's what. i believe that info is in the owner's manual, too.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. Thought of another one....turn there a chime if turn signal left on?

Dealer said this is not under warranty, so they want $95/hr and said if no one has disconnected anything, it wil take an hour to program the items.
noises you should hear: keys left in the ignition with the car off and door opens. Headlights left on and car turned off and door is open. Seat belt not fastened after reaching 10-15mph.

noises you wont hear: turn signal left on. dome lights left on.

thats all I can think of right now.
there will be a noise if the sunroof is open when car turned off too. How could this not be covered under warranty? was you box factory certified used? if it was then those things should have been found before you took possession.
this would be a warranty item, certified or not, this car has 1800 miles on it. Thats still under the full warranty.
Thanks again everyone...reason not under warranty is becuase they are dealer programmable items, and whoever had car before had them changed at delivery of car (supposedly). There are 2 Scion dealers here in town and both have claimed same thing. I don't care about spending $100 to fix it, but am concerned previous owner may have done a DIY job to turn them off.
PS- No sunroof

PPS - I really love this thing. It's a 2nd vehicle that is also my winter car, so hope handling in snow is good...should be. Car came with the TRD 19" wheels and Toyos. Am advertising them for sale. Have already changed to 17" wheels/tires and ride/handling is greatly improved. Also have separate wheels/tires for Winter. Have to admit, I'm enjoying driving it.
point is, they are safety features that aren't/weren't working when you took delivery. if it were me id send an email to the regional Scion representative who in turn will most likely contact the dealer that sold you the box who in turn will call you with an apology. :)
the dealer legally can't turn off the seat belt beep, so they are wrong.
i didnt kno that there will be a noise when the sunroof is open :0 imma go try it lol
i tried the leaving sunroof open and the car if off..i got no noise...weird
yeah if you take a drive have your sunroof open stop turnoff your car take your key o
ut and open the driver door it will beep once provided you have it fully open.
I think that the seat belt warning is part of the federal mandate for safety. That said,I think the dealer is obligated to fix this or Scion will be charged with a fine for not meeting the safety standards. This warning signal is most likely one used for all of the items you're talking about.
UPDATE: Dealer will take care of issue "UNLESS" previous owner made modifications. Going in MON morning...will update after return.
that beeping frm the seatbelt is sooo annoying wen i drive half a blok to my mailbox :/ esp wen its raining
Thought maybe there was a fuse that controlled this...looked at all the fuse diagrams and found nothing. Wish I could fix it instead of taking it to stealership.
point is, they are safety features that aren't/weren't working when you took delivery. If it were me id send an email to the regional scion representative who in turn will most likely contact the dealer that sold you the box who in turn will call you with an apology. :)

don't know if these will help or not, but here is the wiring diagram for the keyreminder and seatbelt warning.

also check under the seats for any disconnections.


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