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New Owner needs Help.....

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....with dumb questions.
I bought a 2012 xB that is used (only 1,800 mi on it). Appears after checking it was a repo. Love the vehicle, but now the dum questions. I am not sure what bells, buzzers, etc. should work on the car. For example, no buzzer sounds if I don't connect seat-belt; no buzzer if I leave keys in ignition; no buzzer if lights left on. Not knowing all the things tht should buzz, etc., I'm hoping someone can tell me. I need to know what to tell dealer I want turned on. I think in the manual it also says lights turn off automatically, too. Wondering about the DRL's too, since they are not on. I really appreciate any help people can provide.
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Good luck, dude :)! All my alerts are OE and they're pretty much helpful (true, there's always the possible scenario where some feature is an annoyance). Unless you have a particular concern, I'd pursue getting it restored to OE.
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