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New Owner needs Help.....

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....with dumb questions.
I bought a 2012 xB that is used (only 1,800 mi on it). Appears after checking it was a repo. Love the vehicle, but now the dum questions. I am not sure what bells, buzzers, etc. should work on the car. For example, no buzzer sounds if I don't connect seat-belt; no buzzer if I leave keys in ignition; no buzzer if lights left on. Not knowing all the things tht should buzz, etc., I'm hoping someone can tell me. I need to know what to tell dealer I want turned on. I think in the manual it also says lights turn off automatically, too. Wondering about the DRL's too, since they are not on. I really appreciate any help people can provide.
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point is, they are safety features that aren't/weren't working when you took delivery. if it were me id send an email to the regional Scion representative who in turn will most likely contact the dealer that sold you the box who in turn will call you with an apology. :)
Long story... prolly needs a thread of it's own but here goes. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH REGIONAL REPS!

I have a work car I drive all week but always wanted an XB. Went to Memphis, TN to the Scion dealer / large chain of other brands etc. Purchased one that was certified. It was cold out so through all of my checking I didn't hear the a/c compressor engage and the salesman said it was normal since Scion was about efficiency and it was only 40 degrees out. I didn't have a reason to be suspicious since Scion's certification is so thorough, purchased it, came home and didn't drive it for 3 days since I have a work car. Meanwhile it warmed up outside. Got in it the 3rd day, a/c didn't work. took it to my local dealer and they found hundreds $$$ in repairs and stated they had heard that dealer merely "paper certifies". Called Scion rep, lodged complaint and here's how that works. You call, file a complaint, they contact the dealer and the DEALERSHIP tells them when it's been resolved. They do not go by customer resolution but they go by when the DEALERSHIP says it's resolved. Basically your just telling them and they make a file that they close when the dealer tells them to. You can open multiple complaints and they will close them multiple times. Actually... I should maybe make a separate thread so others can learn from my mistake...
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