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ok so i posted on here about a week back and jus got to post i am now a new and proud owner of a 2010 scion xb :) and im lovin it for the most part plenty of power went camping over the weekend and put a lil over 400 miles on her ... with no problem there is a couple of things that have me holding my breath for one my mpg is around 23 and ive been driving hwy so we will see and i here they upgraded the stock radio question is i believe my dealership installed the 2009 model and would this effect anything? because i have tried to use the ipod jack and aux and it wont work :( and they gave me the 09 cord but in the 10 its the usb style should the dealership have this or am i supposed to use my one from apple?........... but yea i got a 2010 super white waiting to get sum time to do some mods .. lol i bought vortex generators b4 i got the car lol and getting hid soon had them in my jeep once you hid you dont go back lol then sound system subs then speakers also thinking about taking a look at putting a hid in the back up light then tint 2 front windows and turn signals ...gotta do my homework on leds so if anyone want to lend out a wise word on modding im all ears thanks in advance
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