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Clazzio has begun stocking more custom colors in this Country and Sparks Scion, in the very near future, will be adding more PVC sets to our current inventory.

All seats come with PVC outer panels and a customizable center. You can choose from a variety of colors, fabrics, and stitching:
1.PVC (Black, Gray, Ivory, Beige)
2.SUEDE (Black, Gray, Ivory, Beige)
3.LEATHER (Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Gray, Beige, Ivory)
4.STITCHING (Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, Gray, Beige, Ivory)

Customized Cross Stitched covers are available from Clazzio and those will be shipped directly from Japan. Pictures will be posted soon.

Every set of Clazzio Seat Covers are inspected before shipment and each set includes:
1.Seat Bottom Cover (Front & Rear Seats)
2.Seat Back Cover (Front & Rear Seats)
3.Headrest (Front & Rear Seats)
4.Armrest (for vehicles that come with the armrest from the factory)
5.Installation Instructions
6.Special Clazzio Installation Tool

New “Special Sale Pricing” is now available though private messages on this forum, or through emails at [email protected] You may also reach us at 866-249-3607 (8:30-5:30 Eastern time).

80% of the personnel in our Internet Parts Department at have installed these on their vehicles, including myself. All of us absolutely love the feel and look of these custom seat covers.

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