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I have an idea for a new Star Wars Imperial craft that coulda-shoulda been made.

Basic idea for craft:
We have Imperial Special Ops. A small SEAL team-like set up would surely exist within the Imperial forces.
SO, my craft idea is a small, specialized combat transport for those teams.

Role necessities:
Shields (protection for solo-operations and hot extractions)
Hyperdrive (for solo-trips behind enemy lines, away from Imperial support ships)
6 man cargo capacity, with weapons
"Invisible" profile (must blend-in with other Imperial ships (not a remarkable design)
More heavily armed than a typical Imperial craft, for close support and un-supported "hot" extractions

My idea to fulfill that role:
Tie- Combat Weaponized Transport
Cover story: cargo support craft for Tie squadrons, using compatible equipment and parts

Derivative of Tie Advanced x1
Same size. front, and basic shape
Wings/arrays: Armoured, flat verical panel extension from flat panel to ground (with lower array in "normal" position, but protected.
Ball cockpit: weapons bay, with retractable panels covering heavier cannons and proton torpedo launcher

Tie Advanced x1:

Added portion: "cargo box" set behind the ball, reminiscent of the Tie/sr shape, but smaller:

What is visible from front:
A small "window" just above the ball (with the ball top "razed" to lower the profile- 2'-3' tall extension.

In that cargo box:
Front: a side-by-side seating in the cockpit (ALA A-26 Invader and B-25 gunships)- either 2 pilots, pilot and gunner, or pilot and commander
Back: room for 6 Spec-Ops troopers, 3 per side, seated facing one another on jump-seats (ALA "classic" spec-ops drop ship)
Back-drop (open "hatch=like" (vertical protection)
Small "winglet"- provide rear embedded-antenna and "sprayer" location (to provide cover), etc

It need to look like, on the OUTSIDE like an "updated" Tie/sr concept, with the cockpit in the normal location
BUT, have an overly armed and armoured craft that looks "under-protected"
(The kind of thing that looks "background" on a flightline, NOT "bad-***")

Based DIRECTLY upon the operation style of HSC-84 and HSC-85. Those are the 2 Navy helo squadrons that support SEAL operations, often with 1 or 2 ship detachments to work with squadrons in the field.
So, a solo pilot, among standard or 181st pilots, would ALSO make sense.
I propose "337th Imperial Support Squadron" with the callsign: "Spectres" or "Spectre Hawks" AND "Travellers" (to support cover story)

"Travellers" is used in "normal" flights and in-public, using the callsign "Traveller #"
While on missions, that changes to "Spectre #"
So, ship 3 of the squadron is "Traveller 3" normally, while it becomes "Spectre 3" during ops.

(The names Spectre and Traveller are set-in-stone, for me.)

My inspiration:
The 09 Scion xB.
I've been part of a club that emphasized "themes" and shows. I also can't leave anything well-enough alone.

My B WAS "moonshine runner" themed, with "retro" parts.
Those parts had to come off, so I decided to change things.

I was looking at the xB's ahape and realized the window-shape looks like the upper-part of a Tie Advanced or Tie Bomber. The xB also drives and performs (with a few small mods and suspension corrections- only a few hundred dollars, really, and the whole "feel" changes completely).
It really isn't a tie-fighter (as a more "sports car" is more suitable. It also isn't really a Tie-bomber, as a pick-up would be closer. So, I thought about what it is, what looks like, and what is good at ...
It performs above what it should, it has a deceivingly huge inside (I've moved tables and cabinets 5' tall, 3' wide, and 2.5' deep- with the back seat dropped, and the front seats up, and occupied. Still it's a "compact car" and, basically, a Corolla 4-door/seat box-truck.

That translated to a spec-ops small-team transport- where a Tie Shuttle is too small and a Lambda is too large and "showy."

I will be "themeing" the B as this craft. If I get back into shows, I plan to make 4-6 2/3 to 3/4 scale seated and armed troopers in the back, with my Tie helmet in front.
I will also build several models of it, converting a "Darth Vader" Tie Advanced model

Images to come later ...
(Focusing extra money and time to putting together Tie Pilot kit to get 501st approved. tat comes first.)
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