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new tail lights, and perhaps some problems

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so I put in some new tail lights:

but now, only the bottom and the side of the lights light up, the top part doesnt light up at all. If you're looking at the light, its kinda cut in half. I also tried to put my stock lights back in and only 1 bulb now lights up, the bottom bulb. When I turn on the tail lights, they work, when I hit the brake, the lights work, but again its only the bottom part.

any ideas?
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I think I posted on the other forum...

Did you try the blinker? Or the lock/unlock key fob? My tops light up, but it may only be on the turn signal.
I havent tried blinker, but I would assume it would also light up as a tail light, like I see yours do. I have tried all the combinations I can figure out, and still nothing is working. I have checked the fuses too, guess I'll just need to play with it some more.
They are blinkers apparently, as there is no way to connect it so that the entire light shines except for when blinkers are on. oh well, they still look sweeeet. Thanks for your input Joe!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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