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DJ-Jason said:
I am looking to buy a Scion xb in a few month. I love the look and have been wanting one since they came out, I have a motorcycle that I customized into a bobber and am looking forward to turning my scion xb my own personal ride.
GREAT to hear! Welcome to the site and I'm expecting MANY picts of the B . . .
I look forward to seeing it and how you personalize it. The great thing about Scions is that SO many are unique and people do many, many styles w/ them from modern high-tech, retro, hot-rod, and many I can't define.

I run a small DJ business in VA and this car will be the key for carring my gear.
No problem. The xB2 is shockingly roomy. The rear area folds down to make a flat bed 5 feet long. There are 38" FLAT between the wheel wells. Most of the side-to-side area is actually 4 feet wide (much a bit wider than that!) and the hatch door is 30" high. That holds A LOT of stuff!
I've carried a 5x3 foot office table/desk w/ fixed legs. The hatch closed over it. I've also carried a PILE of large plastic totes.

I use to have to tow a trailer which is why I have had to wait to buy the xb. If anyone is selling one please e-mail, and can't wait to start some mod on mine once I make the purchase.
Trailers aren't a problem, as long as they aren't too heavy. Officially, Toyota says "No trailers," but many members have them and have no problems. I'd just recommend keeping to lightweights . . .

I have a few question before I buy please see below.
Let's go . . .

Should I get a 1st or 2nd gear?
Do you mean transmission?
Or 1st or 2nd gen?

Assuming second . . .
Gen 1 (04-06)-> shorter F-R, taller interior, more distinct look, better economy (and MUCH less power)
Gen 2 (08-on)-> full foot longer (bed -seats laid down- is full 5 feet long), MUCH more power (significant if hauling heavy stuff up hills)

As we are on a Gen 2 forum . . . I'd say most of is would say Gen 2 . . . we all did.

Getting the xb lowered from the dealer Good or Bad?
Depends on the dealer and if you have the ability to do it yourself or have a friend (or club) that can help you out. Some, no problem. Others, NO WAY!
I did the springs myself a couple weeks ago, in my driveway (in the open). They aren't too bad.

Sub are a no, due to DJ gear hauling, any idea on good door systems?
Not necessarily, there are sub systems that fit into:
-The well where the spare is, UNDER the cargo floor, and still have a full floor use. Flip over the spare and there is a pretty deep hole under the foam. The foam holds up the thin surface. Creative construction will allow the spare to remain AND keep a pretty big sub under there. 16" should fit (size needed to clear the stock brakes, so spare rim is that size under there).
-The c-pillar cubbies are good places for smaller speakers and the area can be modded to hold more.
- Underseat subs and amps

I'll let the audiophiles take up the second part . . .

Any pointer on buying please let me know.
Decide what you want BEFORE you go in, as some dealers try HARD to upsell accessories.
Relax. The pure pricing takes much of the stress out.

thank you,
Dj - Jason

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A whole lot can be done. I'd also recommend to spend some time thinking before forking out the big cash to decide exactly what you want. Eventually, she may get the bug too and have ideas of her own . . .

I'm very happy for ya!
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