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Mounted up my bros new wheels the other day. First time our black beasts have been in the same place since he got his.

Platinum Saber in black. 18x8 +45 with 245/40/18 Toyo Extensa HP's. Not the greatest tire but I get a deal on them. We tried a 225/40 since he was considering lowering it but they just looked all wrong on an 8" wheel. No 235's in stock so we went to the 245. It fit so nice and looks good enough to just leave the suspension alone. Nowhere near rubbing anywhere and sits nice and flush. Would it fit with a drop? Maybe a mild set like the TRD's but he seems happy as it is.

Need a better shot but this is what I grabbed at the moment.

Hey if your bro wants some TRDs I have a set off my 2012 less than 8000 miles on them I will give him for cost of shipping. I went with df210s so just want to get these out of garage dont care about getting money for them. not sure what shipping would be maybe fifty bucks? I can send them and when they arrive you can paypal me the cost, they are like new.

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