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Hi, went to local tire shop and was about to get a rubber for my 20" rims. The guy told me that the rims are to big for XB and i will have problem like a year or 2 with the suspension, struts shock and so on... he was saying that XB isnt suppose to go big tires as the supension isnt build for heavy rims and i need to do camber adjustments etc. Does what he's saying hold true? Does anyone have this problem with XB on 20s? Thanks...

to me it sounds like this is a shop that will be out of business in a few years because there scared... i paid less for my 20s with tires than most of the people on here paid for there 16s or 17s... so if it messes the struts or shocks up in a years...woooooppppiiiiiieeee i dont care. :cheers:
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