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new wheels, waiting for tires

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So yesterday I came across a deal on wheels i couldnt pass up... tell me what ya think... specs....

MSR 052 20x7.5:eek: 40mm offset just under 25lbs

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Hi, went to local tire shop and was about to get a rubber for my 20" rims. The guy told me that the rims are to big for XB and i will have problem like a year or 2 with the suspension, struts shock and so on... he was saying that XB isnt suppose to go big tires as the supension isnt build for heavy rims and i need to do camber adjustments etc. Does what he's saying hold true? Does anyone have this problem with XB on 20s? Thanks...
If you're lowered and aligned the 20's will be fine. Just as long as your alignment is in spec to begin with. Sure it wasnt meant to handle 20" wheel weight but it wont break your xB. with anything it may cause premaure wear on brakes and hubs but thats with any wheel.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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