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new wheels

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The difference is only slight, 1/2 inch per side of the rim.
I am running 225/50/16 rubber on 16s, stock steelies right now.
I presently plan to get 16s, when I get alloys. But, I would be open to 17s as well.

The main issue would be weight.
Many wheel lines have 15s and 16s that are similar in weight, then a jump where 17s and 18s are similar. In that case, I'd go ahead and get 18s.
The 16s I want weight under 14 pounds, while the 17s weigh a few pounds more.
Width groupings. Manufacturers tend to have 15s and 16s if the same width, then jump to another width bracket for 17s and 18s. 16s tend to be 7" wide, while 17s and 18s tend to be 7.5"
Wider rims that are also of a larger diameter have more metal in them. So, of a similar composition, the mroe metal,the heavier the rim.
Also, smaller sidewalls have a stronger construction, so they are also heavier too.

Ultimately, the difference, weight-wise between 16s and 17s isn't all that great and both will overlap based on the specific rim in question. The xB isn't especially weight-conscious on the rims, so a few pounds per wheel combo isn't a big deal.
I'd say, get the rim YOU want and like the looks of and pick the size you want.

I am interested in:
I want a black set (they also have one with a red pinstripe in the lip) in 16x7, which weighs about 13.7 (or 13.9, depending upon source) pounds each. While, the 17x7.5 are 18-19 pounds, plus a slightly heaver tire.
Those extra pounds/wheel are important to me.
YET, the 17s are slightly lighter than the stock steel 16s/rubber. So, that still is within the realm of "good."
The 17x8.5 ones are 21 pounds. The overall combo is very close to the weight of the stock steelies.

If you find one that you LOVE in 17 or even 18 inch and about 20 pounds/rim, I'd have no issue on going with that rim.
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