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Hi everyone --

Kristy here from WA state. Just purchased an 08 XB (manual trans) and I'm in LOVE. We have a Sentra and an F150 and I wanted something fun and roomy. I test drove the XB and fell in love. My hubby swore that he wouldn't be seen in it but he drives it the minute I get home from work. He secretly likes it :)

I'm looking forward to doing some modifications to it. This site is great and everyone seems to be so passionate about their XBs and it's nice to see that. It's cool to be on the road and not be driving just another vehicle that looks like all the rest. I feel that 'special bond' with other XB drivers when I see 'em. :)

Anyways, looking forward to reading the posts here and gettin' some great ideas!!

Kristy :rolleyes:
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