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Newb from KY

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Hey all! Found the web site searching around for some new brake pads for my 2011 xb. Any way my names jack I have a 2011 scion xb. Only has a few mods for now. Full air ride set up, plasti dipped off brand 18 inch rims, rs9 grill and pioneer double din. Other than that nothing real fancy.... Well any questions just ask and ill see every one around.


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For "nothing real fancy..." it sure does look great! lol. Welcome to the site
Did it have the air ride when you bought it?
For "nothing real fancy..." it sure does look great! lol. Welcome to the site
Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the compliment!

Damaged no it didn't have it when I bought it. It was bone stock when I purchased it. I installed the air ride myself.
Wicked. And its worth it in your opinion?
I like the look of how low it comes over the wheels
I like it a lot and its brought me a lot of fun. Though it has also brought some annoyance. Like when it breaks it your done. Wether it's at your house or 200 miles away. Just remember to keep extra parts as it will take you a few days to get any. It gets you a lot of looks and questions from every one. Just make sure you install it so you can fix it when it breaks. I also recommend riding with some one that has air ride. It has a certain ride quality that's not for every one. Though yes in my opinion it's worth it and sorry for the long answer lol.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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