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NewB from Middle TN

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Hello toaster lovers! After an 8 year love affair with the box, I finally got one! It's an 08 CSM pretty much bone stock right now. I've had it for a week, and my gears are spinning in my head like crazy on mod's. However, that will be a slow process since I haven't won the lottery yet! My initial plans are tinted drivers and passenger windows, tinted head and tail lights, and way later, some rims. I'm just stoked to finally have one! I'm hoping to meet a few people that can help me out with idea's, especially the tint for the head lights. And, maybe find a local group that I can hang with to learn more about idea's. I know what I want my ride to look like, but getting there is a whole other process! Her nickname for now is, rockbox. I am a rocker, not a rapper, so that's where the name came from.
Anywho, I live between Nashville and Clarksville in Cheatham Co. I work at Ft. Campbell with the housing dept. Sunday is my 46th birthday, and instead of playing golf, I will be cleaning and detailing my new baby!
"I may grow old, but I will never grow up!"
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yo dude!!! kongrats on ur new toaster!! u willl find urself thinking bout doing this and thwt to the box every timeu look at it lol!!! post piks up dude! :) welkome to the xbness!
Welcome to the site and happy birthday. What a nice b day. An xB and people turning their clocks up one hour. I hope the weather for you is going to be as good as it is going to be for my area-70's next week. A good chance to clean your "new" car, and good gulf weather. Can't get any better.
Silver is a great color. It seems to look fairly clean most of the time (unless extremely filthy), plus ANY color(s) makes a great accent- esp. bright ones.
Welcome from central, KY.
Thanx y'all! As a new owner, I will be asking a lot of (silly!) questions, and looking for cheap idea's to dress her up. Tartan Jack, I am part of the Robertson clan from Scotland. I looked at a few of your pix last night! Very cool and unique idea! hidkid, I want the hid's on my ride someday! Dale, Sunny and 66 tomorrow! Nice enough to clean her up a little! Tardis, absofreakinlutely! I will check out your page on fb!
Again, thanx to the warm welcome's!
DDM Tuning has the best prices and warranties for HID's. Think about doing your family tartan as a headliner if you're wanting to bring in some of your history.

No silly questions other than "tell me what to get" which depersonalizes your xB.
Let us know more details on the direction your thinking. I'm FULL of ideas, enough to make well over a dozen xBs that are completely different than each other and dozens if you count similar but distinctly different ideas.
The key: make it PERSONAL-> something YOU like.

I was originally intending "mini delivery truck," then a retro "hot rod" delivery, toyed with a couple "Joker" theme ideas (one I REALLY want to do some day, but I can't do it w/o completely undoing what I did), and even a couple plane-based idea (inc. Air America C-123, A-26 Invader, AC-130/AC-47 Gunship, and even a couple Star Wars-based ideas). The nose I got from Phobic sealed the "rally" idea.

My Miata is based on the 1960s Team Lotus vehicles- esp the Lotus 25/33 F1 cars and Lotus 26/Elan racers. I almost made it a Yamura Motors car from the 1966/67 film Grand Prix, until the white paint fell off an I painted it Lotus Racing Green (same price as repainting it white, so thought why not).

I'm a HUGE fan of F1 and WRC. So, they work for me.
The B will be a blending of WRC/rally ideas and myself. My "sponsors" are planned to be a mix of "REA X"/Railway Express Agency (a dead company I find fascinating), the old "International Harvester" logo (am a fan of their trucks), the original Toyota "teq" logo, a Scottish St Andrews w/ a shamrock in the center, Planet Express, the Imperial cog, and some other dead, obscure, and/or fictional ones.

Do what works for YOU and something YOU will like, as YOU are the one who has to live with it.
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I've got a couple of idea's with regards to direction! I have been a fan of the rock group Queensryche since 1984. I've been to numerous concerts, and after 30 years of following them, I got to meet them here in Nashville. I've even got their logo ("tri-ryche") tattooed on my left shoulder. My color scheme fits right with their album cover which is my favorite one of many of theirs. The cd is called "Operation Mindcrime." The colors are black white and yellow, with a touch of red. My xB is silver, and I want to pull in the black and yellow, and the touch of red. My plan is to get letter's for the windshield and go crazy with it!
My Free Wallpapers - Music Wallpaper : Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime
They have been my favorite band of all time, and this is the direction I am planning for my box!
Let me know if the link works, so you can see the pic.http://
Now, that's what I call talent Tardis. You've got a great eye for photography.
So Tartan, It's called a nose. So is that the entire piece, or just the black part?
For readers . . .
Rockbox responded to a picture showing this:
Scion xB Forum : 2nd Gen Scion XB Forums - TartanJack's Album: Tartan Jack - Picture

It's a piece of vinyl on the stock bumper applied by a local sign guy. It's just satin black vinyl.
Plastic Dip should also work well.
If you like it, go for it. A number of others have done it too.
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