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Newbie (2009 XB) rims advice

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Hi all,
I will be back from Iraq in approx. 25 days and have already made contact with my local Scion dealer to order my new 2009 xB. I will be getting from the factory/dealer: Tint, TRD Lowering Springs, and TRD Rims. Along with a few other accessories. My question or request for your input is this: What rims....? I want TRD rims so my warranty dosent get voided by buying aftermarked rims so I am thinking about the black/smoke 17" TRD rims ($1500) Seems a bit expensive but worth it to keep my factory warranty valid.

Will the 17" TRDs look good with the 25mm drop the TRD springs provide? I am getting the Black Sand Pearl w/tinted windows so it will be basically black out.

The other options are the 16" Alloys for $795 or 19" TRD for $2200, (too expensive IMHO)

Any input or opinions are appreciated.
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Welcome to the site! :)

Your warranty won't get voided due to aftermarket rims. The only time a part of the warranty can be voided is if a specific aftermarket part adversely affects a specific part of the car. For example, if you add a spoiler and your brakes fail, it's not related & they can't void your warranty for adding an aftermarket spoiler. They need to prove that the part caused the failure.

With that said, I think most people agree that larger wheels look better on the xB. And if you want to roll your wheels/tires into the financing go through the dealer, otherwise better deals can be found elsewhere :)
Thanks for the input, I can get a nice set of 18" rims & tires for about $900 vs $1500 so I may go that route. Does anyone have the 17" TRD rims? Do 17s look small in the wheel well of the xB even with the lowering springs?
Wow-what a great welcome home present! :cheers:

IMO-the TRD rims are a RIPOFF!!! If you can buy wheels outright, you'll get a much better deal.

I bought 19" Falken wheels and tires from Discount Tire for under $1100. They are perfect with the drop. I have the Tanabe NF210 lowering springs which I believe gives a similar drop to the TRD springs. Rides great and no rubbing

Here's a pic-

This is a crappy pic since I had to use my wide angle lens, but you get the idea!
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Congrats on your new ride and MUCH THANKS for your service!! My hubby spent a year there also.

God Bless and Welcome to NSxB!
Welcome CMP. Congrats on choosin an XB and thanks for serving!! :notworthy:

For what it's worth, I've got the 16" alloys on my SW and no regrets after 5 months. I'd looked at a lot of different rims, even picked out some wild chrome ones but decided I liked the way these without being too flashy....and I wanted to stay with 16" because the roads in Tulsa have some pot holes that can be seen from the Space Shuttle.

Having said that, Tunerchick's 19" Falkens look pretty great on her SW!!!
Welcome home and to the site brah!!

As its been said dropping $1500 on TRD rims is crazy. Save that extra $500 on some other mods.
Thanks TulsaToaster! Yea, if I still lived in Detroit I wouldn't have the 19's! But roads on the west side of the state are soo much nicer!
Thanks to all for the welcome ot the site and your input, I have made up my mind (finally) and am going to get some aftermarket rims vs the TRD, which I think are a rip off too. I am looking for a completely black out look so I might go with these. I am going to take delivery with the stock rims. The final setup I went with was:

2009 xB
Black Sand Pearl
Window Tint
TRD Lowering Springs
7yr/75,000 Platinum Warranty

I am looking at these rims and tires, what to you all think? Any suggestions for another site?

BTW: Thanks for the photos tunerchic, those look sweet with the white body.
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Very nice wheels!!! Congrats on your new ride!!
Those really are nice rims! However, IMHO, black rims on a black sand pearl is like wearing a black shirt with black slacks and black shoes.......sort of a Johnny Cash/Undertaker/Ninja sort of visual. But the main thing is that you like the way it looks :D

You're going to love your XB. Don't think you mentioned auto or manual???
Are you going to black your head/tail lights backup light and turn signal to?
No I think I will keep the headlight and tail lights functional :p

I am getting a manual transmission, never liked automatics myself since I learned to drive at 14 on a old datsun pickup that was manual.

I was looking at CAIs but for +6HP I cant really justify it. Now a supercharger.... :eek:

I checked into discount tire's offerings btw, I may get some similar to the other link local instead of ordering rims and tires off the net.
I found that Discount Tire carries a lot more wheels than what they have on the website and awesome prices! The wheels I got were going for $250+ on the internet and I got them for $119 each. I had to have them make sure that was indeed for the 19's!

I really like the all blacked out look!
Well I have ordered and paid for my new ride and rims/tires. Now I just need to get the heck out of Iraq (17 days to go!) and go down and pick up my new transportation.

I went with the 2009 Black Sand Pearl xB, TRD Springs, Tint and 7yr/75000mi warranty.

I also ordered some 19" TSW Kyalami rims with General Exclaim UHP 235/35/19s from discounttire down the street from my Scion dealer. I think it will look pretty sick with the hyper black rims with the silver lip to set them off. (photo attached)

I got the 4 rims/tires, mounted & balanced, air pressure sensors switched over, and hub centric rings, and lugs/wheel locks for $1659.50 (tax included) A much better deal than the TRD 19s (which I didnt really like anyway)

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Hoping the next 17 days go fast are are uneventful for ya!

I really like the wheels you chose! Should looks great with the BSP!
very nice! You're gonna love it! I hope you have a great homecoming. Seeing my hubby get off that plane is one day I'll never forget.

Post up pix asap!
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