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grammasand said:
GAWD-I really love my XB. Traded in hubbys over sized F250 diesel for it and couldn't be any happier. Glad I found a place to chat.
Will post pictures as soon as I learn how on this site.
and a big HOW-D to you :)

Don't forget to enter your color in the color thread

Posting pics is easy. First you need to find a site to host them. You have to upload them from your PC to the site.. I use, but there are many others as well.
To insert a picture, you must first know the URL of it >< is a common format, although not as simple looking as that. The hosting site will most likely have a place for copying the url for posting elsewhere. If you click on the picture icon when making a reply (2 over from the youtube icon) you will get a set of bracketed IMG tags. After you copy the url from the hosting site, paste it between the tags :)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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