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Hello, I am new here trying to learn some more about this car. I bought it about a year ago for my girlfriend. Its a 2010 RS 7.0 xB and sitting on 20's wrapped in 225/30/20 tires. Looks to be lowered already but not sure how much or with what. I am not new to the car scene at all but I haven't gotten to toy around with this one much.

Couple things I am interested in doing is adding a subwoofer to the sound system, I'll build a box to hide it in the back and finding out if I can wire in a rear cam to the factory alpine deck. Thinking about going down to a 18" rim to give me a little more rubber for a smoother ride but other than that not sure what else at this point.


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Love the RS7!

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Very nice ride. I like how it's for your girlfriend but you still want to do stuff with it.

In very interested on where you put the back up camera if you figure it out.
Post some pics when you do some of the stuff you want to.
Can't wait to see more.

Also if you decide to downsize im sure you could find someone on the forum who might be willing to trade or buy them off you
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