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Next plans for your xB?

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So, what's everyone planning on doing next to their xB? :)
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Oil Change :D.

Add TRD intake and Sirius too.
Replace the cloth on the doors with blue. A little vynil here and there. Decide whether or not to let my wife dissect my headrests and rebuild with the aforementioned blue. Decide on a sub and glass it's enclosure. Wait patiently for Borla to start selling the new exhaust. Lesee...spings, wheels, tires. HIDs. put the sound deadening in already and find somewhere inthere to sleep! Did I mention the intake too?
I have an antenna on the way, a leather steering wheel cover to install, and I'm working on getting a license plate cover to fit w/ my frame. I'd like to introduce more leather w/ a shift knob and I need to order some more LEDs for my reverse light and mirror turn signals. Eventually, I'm hoping to get grills, springs, sway bar, wheels, tires, HID kit, and guage/HVAC LEDs swapped. The last thing will be the stereo, unless I can get a killer deal. But, before I get to a lot of that, I'll need to share some love w/ the Camry ;)
Match the driver's and front passenger's window to the privacy glass in the rear, cai, then hopefully wheels and tires next spring.
Wheels, Springs, 5axis kit, and a few other cosmetic things I'm sure will eventually come out.
Don't want to do much like I did to my last one, which turned it into a rattling, squeaking, unreliable pos.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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