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No Limitz Ind Pics

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Here is a couple of mine. It is coming along pretty decent.

from BOTI in Las Vegas

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AWESOME! Way to represent AZ! :) I am totally jealous and can't wait till I have the cash flow to do some mods on mine. Until then I will just dream about it when looking at your pics, heehee :)
"Well, hello, there!" -Obi-Wan Kenobi
Welcome to the site.

Interesting car!
I like it. Always good to know custom shops that customize what THEY drive and enjoy.

Also, I like the black headlights with silver.
I am thinking of painting mine, but am waffling between classic silver or black.
Those look nice.
Thanks for the comments. Heck yeah I mod what I drive. LOL.. Here is my old tC. Done also.

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Safe to say you like silver cars huh?

Sweet ride

I've seen so many shops that sell stuff and people that make stuff that is seen simply as "stuff to sell and make money" and don't seem to enjoy it at all.
The very fact you (and other Scion merchants) drive one and enjoy "playing with them" knocks you up several notches is my "to look at and see of there is anything I want" book.

Oh, and I LOVE that they are silver!
You may be the Scion King! :notworthy:
Here is my motto

"You dont buy respect, you build it"
Not to thread jack but did you get my last PM? I replied to the last one you sent but haven't heard back yet. You can email me at
[email protected] if you like.
DAMNNNN, I am very humbled... sweet ride. Even though it isn't gold :rofl:
Silver Solidarity!
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Yo where did you get that black carpet thing you put down under your xB? I am thinking I might do a red one. Goes with the color theme and its like rolling out the red carpet :rofl:
Awesome. I really like how you took a theme of black and silver and then added just enough blue light to highlight it. Really nicely put together. :D
It was also Bigg J's burfday yesterday!!! :lol:

Everyone's gonna know, bro!
The black is carpet. I also have some poles that I use also. I am finishing them up. It was windy that day there, so trying to keep the dang carpet still was a pain. Does make it look alot better though. Thanks for all the comments though.
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