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eviljack said:
I live in Allentown PA. Went by the local scion dealership and checked them out. Love them. They had silver and blue in stock, but both auto;s. So I didn't test drive(want a five speed) but checked it out and listened to the engine and everything. Definatly want one know. Liked the silver, blue is too dark for me. I was hoping for a brighter blue sorta like the new focus, or subaru. Wanted a bright blue with gold wheels. Right now I am thinking black, maybe silver as a backup. Got an idea for black.

Yes I have to run premium in my VR6 Jetta. Its required by the factory, plus I am running performance chip thats designed for highoctane.

Hopefully I will be getting one of these xB's sometime soon.

Get what color you want, but don't get gold wheels :rolleyes:
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