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NST Shifter Cable Bushings Part No. NSTSBK22 for sale. I had in car for one day. They cost me $24 plus $5.50 shipping from NST. Save about $10. They are as new.

Here's my thoughts on them. I have the TRD Quick Shifter installed already. By adding the bushings, I saw only a small improvement. I can't comment on feel for xB's without the Quick Shifter, but I have read in posts here and at ScionLife that it is very noticeable. Install takes about 10 minutes once CAI or airbox is out of the way. Some have installed bushings without removal of airbox. Info and install instructions can be found at

Price is $20 shipped to lower 48. First to post here saying that they will take them, gets them. Paypal only.

I'll also be posting this on ScionLife.
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