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OEM fog lights or other?

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So, I had PIAA driving lights on my old SWXB, now I have my RS 6, and I can't use my old driving lights anymore. I want yellow fog lights, and have seen some of those D5 yellow ones that look like the factory ones, but not sure if I want those or not. I have seen some other Honda Foglights that might work with the XB but not sure if it will look right. Most of you prefer the factory look or like the idea of finding another brands Foglights that might work?
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Some people on this forum have gone the factory route, others have installed various aftermarket lights.

The factory fogs attach to the lower air intake grill, which is attached only to the front fascia. Thus they are not attached to the bumper or metal frame of the car. I did my aftermarket fogs the same way and it seems plenty sturdy, no vibration seen in the light pattern.

I think you should look around the site and decide for yourself what look you like. Ultimately you should tweak your car to please yourself, not others. Have fun!
I went the factory route with 35w HIDs at 3000k. Love them! Also re-wired the factory relay so they will light whenever the side markers are on, with or without the headlights. the factory relay so they will light whenever the side markers are on, with or without the headlights.
Just for curious, can you detail exactly how you did that? For example I'm not quite sure where the factory relay is, to begin with. I can hear it but did not locate it. Thanks in advance.
Here's where I got the idea: Factory Fog Light Mod -

I followed the instructions listed there, except used the RS lighted badge as a switch for the relay. When I finished I crossed my fingers, powered up and everything worked as advertised.

P.S. Nice job on your "Light Frenzy 2"!
For those interested, these fog lights come with a harness for those whose cars don't have any wires (Canada). The company is Autotec Import located in City of Industry Ca. The p/n for them is 4-FL-SCXB08-1CWH. The price is $69.99 And can be ordered with no shipping costs but you have give details to find out.
IF you decide to go for the factory look, I HIGHLY recommend getting the OEM Scion lights. Even though the knock-offs look identical, their quality is very inferior. I bought a pair of knock-offs to save $100, and they broke before I even finished installing them. Not to mention the light output was not nearly as good because the OEMs have a much better reflector. I switched to the OEMs and am much happier. And you can still install HIDs or different colored bulbs with the OEMs if you like.
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