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Official Site for Toyota Rukus (Aussie ver. of xB2)

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It's up, running, and interesting:

The exterior is the SAME as the xB2.5.
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The interior has more like the Rumion.
no fair... i want to Start a Rukus everytime i drive! [/img]
Get a RUKUS name badge shipped from OZ and you can . . .

love the dash, HU, and interior, just wish it was inside my '08... >:(
I'm wondering what will and won't be interchangeable between:
US and AU 2011 models
2011 RUKUS and 09-10 US xBs

Also, who will carry the parts in the US.
The Rukus comes in 3 levels of trim, called "Builds."
Build 1 is the basic car/box
Built 2 adds:
* Premium Interior Trim (Leather Accented)
* 3 Spoke Premium Steering Wheel (with Audio and Cruise Control Switches)
* Premium Gear Shift Knob
* Auto Air Conditioner
* 9 Speaker Audio (including sub woofer)
Build 3 adds to Build 2:
* Tilt and Slide Moon roof

The pricing, in AU$:
* 2010 Toyota Rukus - Build 1: $27,490
* 2010 Toyota Rukus - Build 2: $29,990
* 2010 Toyota Rukus - Build 3: $31,790
(Source: )
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1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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