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Official Site for Toyota Rukus (Aussie ver. of xB2)

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It's up, running, and interesting:

The exterior is the SAME as the xB2.5.
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The interior tour shows nine speakers and a moon roof. That implies either two more tweeters for the rear doors, or full range including tweeters in the C-panels, plus a subwoofer -- would like to learn more about that. I'm guessing those are actually options/accessories, but if not - - I presume the Australian price reflects them.
TartanJack said:
The Rukus comes in 3 levels of trim, called "Builds."
Build 1 is the basic car/box
Built 2 adds:
* Premium Interior Trim (Leather Accented)
* 3 Spoke Premium Steering Wheel (with Audio and Cruise Control Switches)
* Premium Gear Shift Knob
* Auto Air Conditioner
* 9 Speaker Audio (including sub woofer)
Build 3 adds to Build 2:
* Tilt and Slide Moon roof

The pricing, in AU$:
* 2010 Toyota Rukus - Build 1: $27,490 ( = US$23,174)
* 2010 Toyota Rukus - Build 2: $29,990 ( = US$25,281)
* 2010 Toyota Rukus - Build 3: $31,790 ( = US$26,799)
(Source: )
Thanks :)! The build increments don't seem too bad, though there appears a premium compared to the US. Probably boosted some due to base additions like alloy rims and lowering, though given Australia's proximity to Japan, I'd have thought the pricing might have been a little less.

I now see the nine speakers are like ours in the passenger area, plus forward facing cargo area drivers, the sub in the left rear "cubby", and a cargo net on the right side. Like the Rumion I'm thinking.

Does seem pretty nice to me :)!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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