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It's up, running, and interesting:

The exterior is the SAME as the xB2.5.
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Amazing! Except for right-side drive, it's uh, similar. I want the roof...have always wanted a sun roof, moon roof, whichever; and, if I didn't have the RS, I might get one. Hey, if I had one on an RS, that would make it even more special. Food for thought.

Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed the tour.
xBorg said:
In the market for 16" wheels. We've had our 2010 xB (5-speed) for almost 6 months now and we're very satisfied with our purchase....well, except for the hubcap thing. Happy motoring everyone!

I got 16" rims and used the OEM tires. Saved money, kept it low, and it looks great. I found mine at Discount Tire. There are so many, it's difficult to choose. Oh, and welcome to the site.
Yes, I kept the center. Haven't decided what I can use to replace it. The color scheme is what's got me with the iridescent purple/blue. I have new pictures posted in Member Pics.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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