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Official Site for Toyota Rukus (Aussie ver. of xB2)

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It's up, running, and interesting:

The exterior is the SAME as the xB2.5.
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Hello everyone,

I really like the 16" alloy wheels that come with the Rukus, they look similar (or the same) as the ones found in the current gen Corollas here. And from what I have read in the past, Corollas have a different bolt pattern (same as the xD and tC, something like 5x100) than ours. Is that correct?

I check the Scion website almost everyday to see if the 2011 xB info is already up, but haven't found anything so far. Does anybody know whether the Scion dealers have the 2011 parts/accessories catalog onsite?

In the market for 16" wheels. We've had our 2010 xB (5-speed) for almost 6 months now and we're very satisfied with our purchase....well, except for the hubcap thing. Happy motoring everyone!

Hellen4Wheels said:
I got 16" rims and used the OEM tires. Saved money, kept it low, and it looks great. I found mine at Discount Tire. There are so many, it's difficult to choose. Oh, and welcome to the site.
Thanks, 'Hellen'....I'm actually a long time viewer, infrequent poster, of this forum if you will.

If the 16" wheels found in the Rukus don't make their way to the 2011 xB's, my next choice would be an MB wheel from America's Tire. I am still trying to see if a Toyota or Scion center cap would fit in the MB wheel. Did you keep the MB center cap on yours?
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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