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Oil change question ?

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My box came with whatever oil the dealer uses so when i did my second oil change i switched to full synthetic mobil 1 i did not notice any improvement in gas mileage so i switched back to whatever the dealer is using should i have waited a while before switching back to see an improvement the box only has 8000 miles? right now i'am averageing 24mpg all city driving.
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Well, you can switch back-and-forth between conventional (factory-fill) and synthetic. They are fully compatible. I have contacted Pennzoil, Castrol, Valvoline and Mobil 1, via email, about their compatibilities. I don't know why you are not getting better MPGs with synthetic oil. I did get about 2 MPG better, after switching to synthetic. The main reason why I switched to synthetic is that I wanted to my engine to last longer. Conventional oil will suffice, however. My recommendation, stick with SYNTHETIC! My xB2's engine runs noticeably smoother.
I have had my car on full synthetic since the dealer change ran out (2 free) I used amsoil then went to Mobile one due to not wanting to have to go find a distributor when I wanted to change it.
I just switched to mobile 1 today on my 4th oil change. I'm curious to see if I notice any change. Decided go go with the Mobile 1 oil filter even though that was 13 bucks.
I ended up doing it myself since the quick lube place by my house wanted 60 bucks for an off brand syn oil. Plus they used 5w 20 instead the 0w 20 the manual recommends.
well see
In my pov, I Mobil 1 oil filter is great, but they are too expensive. I use Purolator PureOne, it costs more than twice as less. Stay-off the "orange cans". I mean Frams.
Fram USED to make great filters . . .
Back in the 1950s and 60s.

Now, they are pretty much crap.
TartanJack said:
Fram USED to make great filters . . .
Back in the 1950s and 60s.

Now, they are pretty much crap.
I agree. If you ever open a Fram filter, the materials and the way they are constructed is horrible. I guess this is the result of mass marketing.
EPHIOS said:
In my pov, I Mobil 1 oil filter is great, but they are too expensive. I use Purolator PureOne, it costs more than twice as less. Stay-off the "orange cans". I mean Frams.
Expensive as opposed to what a motor or something else really expensive. Its all in personal preference. My other cars I run ford filters ( I have a ford diesel truck and a mustang )
my MPG increased by 1 since switching .......
synthetic oil will help marginally with MPGs but most benefits are engine longevity. Oil breaks down with moisture (condensation), gas blowby and heat cycling....synthetic has been proven time and again to outperform any conventional oil because of its synthetic additives. Do it for peace of mind and longer change intervals. I swap 5K or 5Months....usually 5K comes first and the oil hardly ever looks black. Driving habits will change the requirements if you are a lead foot, excessive idler, and short trips without giving sufficient time for the engine to maintain operating temps.
what is the factory fill oil in our xb2's?
we just took on amsoil here at work, they have this display with gears on 2 sidesand handles so you can turn them. one side has regular oil, the other has the synthietic amsoil. The regular oil side you can feel the notches in the gears, the amsoil side is free and smooth as silk. Synthetic is always best in my opinion for just about anything that has metal to metal. I run royal purple and k/n oil filter, thats what we sell but we just took on lucas/amsoil as well. Sponsor me I will run amsoil! haha
I didn't have any AMSOIL in stock, but will change it next time. I put Mobil 1 in this time, I see the Fram XG Xtragaurd filter is good to 10,000 miles. I will give it a try and states compatible with synthetics.

I believe the capacity is 3.9 quarts. I think I used exactly 3.9-4.0 quarts, just put a little less in and check the level on the stick and put a little bit in at a time to get it up to the correct level.
I use Valvoline Full synthetic, and whatever oil filter comes with it (I buy my oil from Advanced Auto Parts and they run deals of 5 quarts and an oil filter for $25-30)
Okay, original question...the Toyota oil is a syn/fossil blend, so for your first two free oil changes (5,000 miles or six months), that's what you'll get. After that, run what you will. I am running syn blend for one more change then going full synthetic.
Ive gone full syn since my first oil change. gotta keep this baby running forever.
amen sister , run the freee til then. Going to run Lucas full synth when done. We sell the lucas at work now
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I too just switched to synthetic. With kids in sports, and my days and weekends sleeved out until 2027 (when my daughter will be out of High School) with sports, music, family trips, did I mention sports?, I cannot simply drop my car off at the dealership for free oil changes.

I switched over to Valvoline 0-20 syn.

As for the mileage, maybe the motor hasn't broken in yet? I have but 8.5k on mine, and waiting for it to rise soon.
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