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80 k miles
Not sure about a recall. Could call a local Toyota Dealer and give them the VIN and ask if there is a recall.

For this part: "My 2011 scion XB consume lots of oil"
Could be piston rings, valve cover gasket or spark plug seals etc.

Unless the issue is totally obvious: Oil blowing out the side of the valve cover etc... I usually start with what I call wetware...

Have done this on more than one car and it worked:
Change the oil filter and then pour in 1 quart of PolyDyn TX7 High Mileage Engine Treatment and put in a bottle of ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks.
ATP AT-205 helps swell up any old hard seals and the TX7 will help with internal lubrication of the engine. Not a very scientific explanation.

I did this to my neighbors 2011 XB that was using a lot of oil and my 2006 XB and a 20 year old Buick Century. Great results with all 3 cars.

Depending on how bad the issue is you may have to retreat the engine again in a month. If after the second treatment and driving a while does not change the issue at all then it sounds like parts will need to be replaced.
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