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ok did I REALLY just see......

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an actual Scion commercial on tv?? :eek:

i've never EVER seen any Scion advertising in the US, this has got to be a "first". I guess the Cube and the other copycats are getting to them, the main tag line was somethin like "get the original not a copy" --

i'm tellin ya i was floored.....
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I have seen them only on, I think it was MTV....some cable channel. Hoping to see them on network tv.
Saw a hyp. teal car on a billboard in Austin Tx. right off north bound 35 . They have an rs6 car on there now.
I have seen several Scion TV ads on network channels. United by individuality was last year and there were some really good ads. They are subtle and different but those of us who are owners understand.
iv seen them all the time. ever scinc 2004 what cable are you wacthing?
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