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Ok. Who has had their windshield replaced???

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Was on my way to work the other day and when I pulled into the parking lot I noticed that i had a crack in my windshield. I didn't hear anything hit it and when I looked at the windshield there was a very tiny mark where something did hit it. The hit mark wasn't very big (about a 1/16 of an inch) but the crack was about four inches long. Called my insurance company and was given a number to call. They are replacing the windshield tomorrow. Seems like every time I get in the car the crack has grown. It is now a very nice "S" shape and about 9 inches long.
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Windshield cracks will continue to grow if left unattended. If you get bored, tomorrow morning when its still cool outside, crank your defrost on high heat and watch it cruise across the whole windshield. Fun to watch if you're getting it replaced anyway.
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