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Royal Floor Sweeper
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As much as I like the idea, it isn't gonna happen. It would drive the price out of Scion's intended range.
Now, 2-tiering the model is possible. THAT might help in Scion's aim of youth-appeal, much in the same way that the WRX elevated the "coolness" of what has previously been the farm-tractor brand of Japanese cars. Also, now Subaru is part of the Toyota Group too- since Toyota bought GM's interest. Toyota owns just under 17% of Fuji Heavy Industries- which is specifically the Automotive Division of the company.

Also, Fuji Heavy Industries, Toyota, and Kanto Auto Works (the part of the Toyota Group that actually builds the xB2) have a historical connection.
Before and through World War 2, the Nakajima Aircraft Company was a MAJOR Japanese aviation company. At the end of the war, the Japanese war-contractors were broken up. Many (ex. Mitsubishi) were diverse enough to survive. Nakajima just built planes. So, it was stripped down into multiple entities. The main body became "Fuji Heavy Industries" (who created the Subaru brand). A group of aircraft engineers who were car-nuts and wanted to build cars created Kanto Auto Works (originally Kanto Electric Motor Works, Ltd. until 1950). Many of the other "pealed off" bits of Nakajima were purchased by Toyota, who used it to expand operations to become a major commercial entity.
So, in effect, the Toyota/Fuji Heavy Industries ties are somewhat a bringing back together of Nakajima . . .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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