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For a decade, the First Class Fitment car show which was held down at the Princeton Airport in Princeton, New Jersey, has gathered together car lovers and automotive upgrade enthusiasts to share their passion with each other. Sadly, this last Saturday, October 5th was the last time the event was organized at this unique venue. The Airport setting has this unbelievable and unmistakable vibe of drag and street racing culture in a truly laid back atmosphere.

This year, the crew from attended the car show organized by the Canibeat’s team. The event has gathered together people from all walks of the automotive community, starting from American classic owners, supercar modifiers, high-power tuner car creators, and other custom build enthusiasts. The show organizers offered lots of additional attractions, such as helicopter rides, RC drift car races, merch stands, and so on. Watch our short video about the event showing some of our favorite picks:

You can always visit to find some of the products you see in this video.​
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