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pads for your xB

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take a look at this guys products for the xB:

make sure to check out his store too as he sells them there at a standard price and has a larger kit of padding if wanted :)

here are pics from another thread:

i saw a lot of positive comments on these in another forum and in the sellers feedback on eBay and plan to get some myself!
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I just bought the 17 piece set after getting annoyed w/ stuff sliding around on my way to work today ;)
Wow, three days later and I have the pads in my xB... now that's fast service! The pads are nice... they seem to grip real well, even to the point they wouldn't slide out of the wrapping ;)

I ended up getting the one that goes on the dash, in front of the gauges, in addition to the 17 piece set, and he combined shipping, so that saved a couple bucks in the end. He also included some double sided tape squares to hold them in place, but they don't seem all that necessary.
I put my sunglasses and a tin of mints on the pad in front of the gauges for my drive home yesterday, took some corners pretty fast, went over some train tracks, etc. They didn't budge. Good stuff! :D
I can try to find a link for you later (can't now - firewall), but it's not hard to find... search for "(2008,08) xb pads" ...and if it's not the set you're looking for, you can go to the seller's store and find the '08 Scion xB section for the full selection of pads :)

BTW, welcome to the site! :D
There we go... Thanks!

I kept meaning to post that, but eBay is now blocked by our firewall at the office... :rolleyes:
Update: The pad in front of the gauges is losing its stickiness ...I don't know if it's the exposure to the sun, but I had to flip it over to expose the fresh grip so my sunglasses wouldn't slide around. Now that side is losing the stickiness :(
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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