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If you're as anal as me...

1- Acquire correct touch-up paint from dealer
2- Clean paint chip with 70% isoproply alcohol and a cotton swab
3- Apply touch-up paint in small daubs, filling in the chip, using a fine-point instrument (like a tooth pick)
4- Allow to dry an hour or more
5- Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the touch-up is slightly above the surrounding paint
(5a) - I've heard you should let the touch-up paint cure for a couple of days before sanding and finishing but... who has that kind of patience?
6- Wrap a small piece of wet/dry finishing sandpaper (3M brand 2000 grit) around something small, like the end of a pencil eraser or what I use, the corner of a pink pearl eraser
7- Wet-sand the touch-up paint to be level with surrounding paint (take care to ONLY sand the touch-up paint, as best you can). If you're new to this kind of stuff, you'll be worrying because the paint will get hazy white at this stage. Try not to worry and move on to...
8- Polish with Meguiar's Scratch-X, this will remove any haze or damage done in (7). You may need more than one application and you will need to really lean on the applicator when you're working it in. You should be applying enough force that the car is rocking on its axles. Seriously, it'll be ok. Repeat until it looks smooth and clear.
9- WAX with your favorite wax product (I like Meguiar's NXT Techwax 2.0)
10 - Wash and wax (as soon as convenient), so the whole car's consistent.

If you're careful with this process, you will be the only one who will know. Believe me, I went throught the same thing when my xB2 was only a few weeks old, and now, six months in, even I've forgotten about the repaired paint chips.
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