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painting emblem.

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what should i do if i wanna paint the scion eblem on the back black? i dont wanna take it off to do it tho. should i just get a small paint brush and a little bit of paint?
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Or mask it off...JR is a nut. Good masking tape will help you succeed.
i dont wanna take it off i just want it black. my whole box is just gonna be silver and black. but the inside is orange and black.
I wanna paint the stock grill red.
i just bought a new black mesh grill. i was gonna paint my stock grill orange at first wen i had a different color sceme for the exterior but im just rock black and silver. now that i sed that i may just have to remix black and yellow to black and silver just too have a theme song for my car.
I found a set of black emblems on ebay. I'm a little pissed, they are both the same size as the frony emblem. So its a bit bigger than the one in the, so I'm gonna have to have steady hands and good placement to put that bad boy on the back juuuuust right. Lol.
is there holes on the one on the back or is it just stick on? i took the xb one off and that was just stick on.
is there holes and adhesive crap?
I like the color theme you went with. ;)
i tryed to debadge the box a week after i got it, but the holes made it an issue so i put it back. i was gonna take the xB off because theres no holes on that, but for some reason never did. i think im gonna get a mesh grille and just swap the back badge
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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