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As I think back over the vehicles I've owned since the dawn of the Bronze Age, the ergnomic range has run from the sitting low, legs out sports car position to the riding high SUV/pickup truck mode and everything in between. I've never really had any problems with seating position and its relationship to the pedals, gearshift, and steering wheel in any of these configurations. In retrospect, it's somewhat remarkable how easy it's been to adapt. However, bad seat design, obscured gauges, confusing knobs and other non-intuitive controls bother me more than anything else. I've had none of these problems with the xB. It initially bugged me a little that every time you start the xB you have to turn on the cruise control before you can set it, but I've adapted.

The xB is different, but for me it all works...even the center gauge cluster. I agree that the driver's armrest and center console are pretty useless. It also took me awhile to learn not to overrev the engine when starting in first gear, primarily because the engine is so quiet and I don't get the audible feedback I'm accustomed to.
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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