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TartanJack said:
Oh, I know.
"H" are generally designed more for highway and interstate use by sedans. As such, the rubber is compromised more for lifespan than stickiness.
The reason Z and the like tend to be "better" for performance is that they are usually designed to be grippier.

Oh, all tires are a compromise between several factors, which are commonly shorthanded as life/miles vs. handling performance. True racing tires are high on stickiness/grip, but low on life. Heck, most get completely worn out in a few hundred miles and often less than 100 miles on many upper racing series.
Street tires give up some grip for a longer life span, with each as a different compromise and falling under one of the "class" categories. High to extreme performance tires have less lifespan, but more grip than most street tires. "Passenger" tires are usually designed more for lifespan than ultimate grip.
High grippy tires won't last 80,000 miles, with most lasting 15,000-25,000 miles. It is all a compromise based on what is important to the user and vehicle. Most "High Performance" to "Extreme Performance" tires have a higher speed rating than H, even if the xB is aerodynamically challenged in getting anywhere close to that listed speed.

I tend to like them more grippy than long lasting. So, I get higher grip tires, at the cost of lifespan.

For my Miata, I have generally been getting Toyo T1S (now the T1R model) and BF Goodrich G-Force Sport tires. Both are good grip and work very well with a Miata's weight and suspension. I run 195 or 205/50/15s, which are smaller overall diameter than would fit on an xB (though the bolt pattern is the same as an xB1).
Are these tires also great for 08-09 xBs?

What other good options are out there for xB2s?
Tirerack returns (for 16" size) 95 tires rated V, Z, W, and Y. Any known guidance for xB2s or is this vehicle to new . . .
i say get some Yokohama Avid series tires! :yes:

i had them on my original xB and they handle Great and are sold a reasonable price! and as i remember, they have a pretty decent warranty too!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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